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Guiding organizations safely through the Lean Transformation journey.

Superior performance can only come from new thinking, deep process knowledge, and commitment to the mission.  For over 30 years, Audie has been leading, coaching, and consulting teams to reach historic performance in various industries and organizations.  

Walking the factory floors and halls of billion-dollar organizations provides real-world lessons from which learning can occur.  Audie has spent his career serving these organizations and pursuing the missions that have made them great.  His stories and insights help bring theory to life and provide practical advice for those seeking operational excellence and all it has to offer today's business performance.

Our approach

Operational Excellence requires the application of lean principles and building the leadership culture to sustain it. My consulting approach successfully combines both elements to create consistent performance for my former employers and current clients. 

The objective of our practice is to build local capability as quickly as possible using key projects as the foundational learning mechanism. Through training, coaching, and facilitating projects with local teams, lean transformations secure a solid foundation. The leadership training that accompanies the continuous improvement process is the keystone that is missed by the vast majority of lean transformation efforts. 

Over the last thirty years, I’ve been called to fix significant problems across many organizations.  I have grown through these experiences, becoming well-equipped for the challenges, and love the work.  From mission-critical turn arounds to full-scale lean deployments, from process improvement projects to enterprise-impacting value stream transformations, we provide the leadership and guidance to help teams resolve their problems and to empower them with new capabilities.


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    Value Stream Transformation  Process Improvement

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Audie Penn

  • Operational Performance Consultant  
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt  
  • Lean Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certified


I began to work closely with Audie in mid-2015 as I was developing our formal model for continuous improvement at CEMEX in the USA.  From a strategic point of view, Audie has great vision and was always a great sounding board to test the model and gain insight and feedback.  In addition, Audie was instrumental in helping to train our first set of CI Leaders in the organization.  It was during this time, I saw his tremendous ability to reach individuals not only at developing their skill sets but on how to successfully connect and influence people as they applied those skills.  Audie will be a great asset to support your efforts in building your companies continuous improvement capabilities.

Robert Cutter - EVP Continuous Improvement, CEMEX US Operations

Audie has changed my perspective on continuous improvement from a focus on tools and techniques to powerful listening and relationship management. He has identified the power of intentionally managing relationships through conversations to achieve success. This can be easily forgotten in our business and personal lives and he challenges us to be deliberate about it.

Zack Brown – Master Black Belt, Carter Machinery Company

Audie Penn has been an important asset to our organization. Since CEMEX USA started with our transformation journey, he has supported several consulting jobs in the organization. First as a Lean consultant to three Cement Plants, Miami, Brooksville and Knoxville, highlighted in the benefits of one of the most interesting DMAIC projects for the company, "Kiln Operational Efficiency Improvements ".  This project resulted as an OE improvement of + 90 %, with additional cost savings and revenue of more than US$ 2.0 MM and productivity improvement of 20 %. Second, with the CEMEX Operation and Technology global track he participated in the definition of Policy Deployment and metrics cascade, an important pillar in the implementation of continuous improvement activities.  Finally, but not least in importance, was the coaching of the Executive VP of Cement Ops and Technology and his direct reports in developing a learning culture through lean principles.  His training and coaching based in the "Being Remarkable" material is a fundamental process for developing leaders into greater human beings.

Luis Oropeza - EVP Cement Operations and Technology, CEMEX Europe and Spain Operations

I've worked with Audie for a little over 10 years.  As a mentor and a coach for my team, Audie brings years of practical experience and success with a focus on relationships.  In my mind, that focus has been the key to his success.   

Darrell Collins - Global Category Purchasing Manager, Caterpillar, Inc.

Working with Audie has made an impact on my day to day work as well as my personal life.  Success in our lean deployment depends on both the tools of improvement and the leadership culture.  Learning the idea "you don't know what you don't know" allowed me to open up to learning and feedback, a topic from the Being Remarkable sessions.  Thank you, Audie, it made a difference.

Jose Alberto Torres Balaguer - Operational Excellence Manager - CEMEX SCA&C and Columbia

I was fortunate to have Audie, over the last three years, as a personal coach for the implementation of Lean and Six Sigma as part of our Continuous Improvement Journey for a Global Construction Products Company. Seeing how far we have come and the success we are having in such a short period of time is a tribute to not only his knowledge and practical Real Life experiences, but his second to none communication skills! Knowledge and Experiences are critical, but the ability to connect with audiences at every level, from the CEO to the hourly employees in our plants is what separates him from his peers.

Ken Kerr – VP Continuous Improvement Cement Operations, CEMEX US Operations

Real. Genuine. Audie is an effective leader who walks the talk by placing people first to achieve amazing business results. He engages his team’s brain power to solve a problem, develop a solution then implement. He understands the impact of genuinely connecting with people so that they and the organization mutually benefit – a win-win. His passion and commitment to excellence and helping people achieve more than they ever thought possible comes through in his actions of leading, coaching, mentoring and expecting achievement of aspirational goals. Audie gets it. And he gets it done.

Todd Ballou – Continuous Improvement Master Black Belt, CEMEX US Operations

My collaboration with Audie continues to be very rewarding and insightful.  His communication skills are highly effective and his training and coaching would add value to any organization. 

 Warren Mounts - Master Black Belt, Whayne Supply Company; Equipment Engineer and Automotive Manager, UPS(Ret.)